Vayeshev: "And he settled"
Genesis 37:1 - 40:23

In slumber there are no silent thoughts

They rise with the evening moon as colorful as the patchwork coat gifted by his father

Joseph's inner eye opens to the dreams here G-d has placed

Wheat rising in shafts so high

Stars that fill the evening sky

And what of these moonlight conversations?

Jealous brothers and flowing bile of hatred?

All for a mind that flowed as an inner river to G-d

Freedom treacherously implores slavery
and Egypt is not all it seems

Cups upon the head
and baskets of bread

Are the answers his cell mates seek

Keys to turn locks of hidden chests

And whether freedom or death

Joseph unraveled well knitted dreams
as one thread spoils the whole carpet

First pulled and then tugged

Soon resting in a pile of colorful confusion

He is the teller of fortunes
the bearer of the coat of many colors

His reality trapped behind prison bars

Dreaming of his own approaching freedom

Rabbi Tad Campbell

(Rabbi Tad Campbell is a published writer and poet who holds an MA from the University of Oxford, England, the MTS from Duke, and his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary. He is a board certified chaplain and pastoral counselor and currently serves with Suncoast Hospice in Clearwater, Florida.)
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