Ki Tisa: “When you elevate”
Exodus 30:11 - 34:35

Faith is measured by the heart
by prayers offered in song each new day

Welcomed in silence each night
with every chord offered in tune

The goodness of our intentions measured
there in the silence of ourselves

In quiet spaces we invite no one else to see
are hidden secrets we think
even the Creator knows not

Forgetting in our finite minds

G-d’s presence overlaps this tiny planet

Seeing through dark clouds
we inflate to overshadow who we are

From whom we pretend the world sees

In moments sometimes called shortcomings



We bring together
all we have buried beneath human steps

Where we each mold it

Shape it

Into our own golden calf

Here we believe the material will answer our needs

Its shine drawing breath to our suffocating souls

And suddenly we forget morning heart
or evening home

Failing to see the shimmer within our souls

The priceless gift discovered in prayer
and here we meet the One who calls

No longer needing things of measure and value

Opening each heart to our ultimate worth
by sleeping in whispered words

“I am the L-rd your G-d.”

Rabbi Tad Campbell

(Rabbi Tad Campbell is a published writer and poet who holds an MA from the University of Oxford, England, the MTS from Duke, and his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary. He is a board certified chaplain and pastoral counselor and currently serves with Suncoast Hospice in Clearwater, Florida.)
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