Pekudei: "Accountings"
Exodus 28:31-40:38

The glory of the L-rd
can be seen in many ways

Like a doting father
guiding us through darkened storms

Watching us lovingly play in the distance
holding our souls as we peacefully slumber

And when the cloud moved over the Great Tent

G-d’s children knew His Spirit to be near

Filling the Tabernacle
as the smell of roses wharfs the air

And as long as the scent burned in the heart

Heaven’s children felt the tent’s glow

Whether cloud by day or fire by night

No one dare leave its shadows
as long as the Great Inhabitant remain


As rose petals surely blow away
the cloud would lift

And their Divine neighbor would retreat to the stars

His children venturing forth

Safe and with peace

Aware the L-rd’s eye going ever with them
in the rising light of day

Rabbi Tad Berga

(Rabbi Tad Berga is a published writer and poet who holds an MA from the University of Oxford, England, the MTS from Duke, and his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary. He is a board certified chaplain and bereavement counselor who currently serves Seasons Hospice in Pinellas, Florida. )
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