Beha'alotecha: “In your uplifting”
Numbers 8:1 - 12:16

As sure as the rising sun

Moses could bring his prayers to the Almighty

With trust and understanding
even fear and question

A motion of thought between the two

And so the servant of Sinai
came to kneel before his G-d

Wondering why he who once was in favor
now carried the woe of his fellow beings

As if he were a pregnant mother
whose child kicked sternly in the womb

Causing the bearer undue discomfort

His sisters and brothers demanded

Without pause for their received good
they only wanted more

Alas Moses grew tired

His spiritual back breaking
from the weight of wants

A burden of those surrounding him

And in a breath

In a prayer

He softly asked his Creator why?

Rabbi Tad Campbell

Rabbi Tad Campbell is a published writer and poet who holds an MA from the University of Oxford, England, the MTS from Duke, and his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary. He is a board certified chaplain and pastoral counselor and currently serves with Suncoast Hospice in Clearwater, Florida.)

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