A Veteran's Day Prayer

G-d of mercy and strength
Giver of life and its countless wonders
Today we pause to honor the veterans of these United States
The courageous women and men who selflessly gave more than was asked
Never thinking of themselves, rather, awakening each day to freely offer their all
Each of them —whether living or having dannced into the eternal light— are infinite blessings
Their constant bravery has made this our safe home

And so we pause this Veterans Day with grateful hearts
Echoing in embracing prayers of hope and mercy
As we salute those who have carved out the land of the free
May the Giver of Life heal their wounds
Ease any pain they may know, whether in body or mind,
Filling their gentle spirits with sweet hymns of praise
Recalling every footstep they have taken as true heroes
Our saving angels

It is in their sacrifice, life and yes death,
We are blessed to awaken proud and free
To all our veterans both now and gone before
We thank you with humble heart
Like poppies swaying in the calling autumn breeze
Long may their spirits soar upon wings of light
Filling the skies with the ever-flying colors of peace

Bless our veterans O G-d with your healing power
Give us the courage to embrace the sacred treasure that is our veterans
O L-rd, let our supportive hands forever applaud those we honor
And may we forever sing their righteous names upon the sweet songs of our love
And so it is. Amen.

Rabbi Tad Berga

(Rabbi Tad Berga is a published writer and poet who holds an MA from the University of Oxford, England, the MTS from Duke, and his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary. He is a board certified chaplain and bereavement counselor who currently serves Seasons Hospice in Pinellas, Florida.)
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