Rabbinic Reflections: Issue 6 March 31, 2020

Dear Holy Friends,

I hope this letter finds you doing well and managing each day to the best extent possible. We pray for all those who are ill, and we send our blessings of strength to those whose lives have been impacted over these last few weeks.

At the same time, the wisdom of Judaism has always encouraged us to embrace life, find joy in living and seek uplift in Torah to the best of our abilities. Devarim 30:19 instructs us in just a couple of plain words, “therefore, choose life.”

Here at CBIOTP we continue to do just that. Last week, with the help of Rabbi Stern and his technical team, we celebrated together as a community the first of our online Shabbat Services. These services will continue again this upcoming Shabbat and we certainly hope to “see” you there. Please check the upcoming announcements for a reminder to the zoom link to connect for services.

Additionally, in just less than a couple of short weeks, we will begin the holiday of Pesach. I invite you to join me this Wednesday evening April 1 at 7:00pm for a Pre-Passover Workshop which will take place on google meets: you simply need to plug in this address and it will take you to our virtual classroom: https://meet.google.com/ynd-fcaj-hvw. We will study some of the themes of the Seder and have a chance to share with each other family favorites that you utilize to enhance your Seder celebration!

You will forgive the irony that our workshop will take place on April Fool’s day, which happens to coincide with my mother’s 85th birthday (we got a lot of mileage regarding that growing up in my household!).

So, in the spirit of humor and an attempt at a little levity which we can all use, please find below some Passover Puns for your Yuntif season!

How did Moses’ mother feel when she cast him into the Nile River? She was a basket case!

Why was Pharaoh not able to get a stockbroker’s license? He was involved in a pyramid scheme!

Where does the U.S. military store its Chametz during Passover? Fort Leavenworth!

What did the child ask at the seder when seeing his mother set the table with different cutlery? Why is this knife different than all other knives!

What was Aaron’s official title in the Exodus story? He was the Chief of Staff

Why didn’t the Pharaoh call for help during the second plague? He had a frog in his throat!

What patriotic song did the Hebrews sing to the Pharaoh during the seventh plague? “Hail” to the Chief!

Why didn’t the Egyptians know about the ninth plague? They were kept in the Dark!

If Dr. Jekyll finds the Afikoman without even trying, who is to blame? Mr. “Hide.”

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to share some more Passover Puns and Seder Secrets. Wishing you all a zissen (joyous) Pesach!


Rabbi Eric L. Wasser