When we were led into the gas chamber, YOU said nothing.
When we were forcibly converted, YOU said nothing.
When we were thrown out of a country just for being Jews, YOU said nothing.
When we now defend ourselves all of a sudden, YOU have something to say.

How did we take our revenge on the Germans for their Final Solution?
How did we take revenge on the Spanish for their Inquisition?
How did we take revenge on Islam for being Dhimmis?
How did we take revenge on the lies of the Protocols of Zion?

We studied our Torah
We innovated in medicine
We innovated in defense systems
We innovated in technology
We innovated in agriculture
We made music
We wrote poetry
We made the desert bloom
We won Nobel prizes
We founded the movie industry
We financed democracy
We fulfilled the word of Hashem by becoming a light unto the Nations of the Earth.

So World, when you criticize us for defending our heritage and our
ancestral homeland, we the Jews of the world do exactly what you did,
we ignore you.

You have proven to us for the last 2,000 years that when the chips are down you don't care.

Now leave us alone and go sort out your own back yard whilst we continue our 5784-year-old mission, enhancing the world we share.

--by Howard Klineberg, in the Jerusalem Post of February 2, 2015.