As you sit Shiva, we would like to share with you the following poem from our Poet-in-Residence, Rabbi Tad Campell. We hope this poem will serve as a Shabbat meditation for our community and that it will bring you some solace.

For Our Friend

We walk a tightrope
and live on the edge between earth and heaven

Yes, life and death

And while we are not G-d,
we are all of the pure and perfect G-d

Born in our first breath to walk in spirit
until we take our last

Created to share this sacred journey
with those we love

Walking together
toward the face of the rising mountain

Where divine light permeates even the furthest land

For once more we are reborn
in the beckoning twilight of the approaching dawn

Where sunlight grows bright
and the vast and colorful rainbow
sings of eternal promise

And we hear Noah’s calling song
birthed after the darkened rain

To behold the dove’s gift and promise
upon smooth and calming shores

Where we at last leave death’s edge behind
to walk the wide horizon of newfound hope

Where yesterday and tomorrow
merge as partners in the sacred dance

Life and death here crescendos
into the saving and eternal song

Written upon the souls of G-d’s seeking children
Who at last breath a sigh, yes, of relief

More so, of praise to finally,
and at once dwell in heaven’s sweet home

May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may your loved one's memory be for a blessing to their entire family.