This week's parashah, T'tzaveh, continues the instructions for the Mishkan, the portable tabernacle. Its main focus is on the clothing and equipment to be worn by the priests, the appointment of Aharon and his sons as those priests, and details of their investiture. There follows instructions regarding the altar. To download this week's Shabbat Booklet, please click here.

Shabbat Parashah T'tzaveh



Candle Lighting for Friday, February 15, is at 5:13 p.m. EST

Shabbat ends Saturday night with havdalah at 6:18 p.m. EST

Shabbat Shalom

This Week: Shabbat Parashat T’tzaveh

Sh’mot 27.20-30.18, pages 503-518

FIRST ALIYAH: Aharon and his sons are to be the priests, Moshe is to tell Israel. Why would Israel believe God commanded this, rather than it being an act of nepotism on Moshe’s part?

SECOND ALIYAH:The Urim and the Tumim are to be placed “inside the breastplate of decision,” to be used to inquire God about His will. So why did it disappear from use after King David’s reign?

The haftarah, Y’chezkel 43.10-27, begins on page 520.

Next Week: Shabbat Parashat Ki Tissa

Sh’mot 30.11-34.35, pages 523-54

FIRST ALIYAH: The census is conducted by each person giving a half-shekel as “s ransom for himself,” meaning in atonement for a capital crime against God. What capital crime do the people commit?

SECOND ALIYAH:Moshe says to God, “Either forgive the people, or erase me from Your book.” God responds that only those who sinned in this incident will be erased—but did He mean everyone?

The haftarah, M’lachim Alef 18.20-39, begins on page 549.