The sacrificial rituals make up the first part of this week's parashah. In the second half, Moshe anoints Aharon and his four sons and they begin their service as Israel's priests. The Mishkan also is dedicated (although more of that will be reported in a later parashah). The parashah ends seven days into the dedication ceremonies, with no hit as to the tragedy that is about to occur. For more regarding remembering, see the essay below. To download this week's Shabbat Booklet, please click here.

Shabbat Parashat Tzav



Candle Lighting for Friday, March 22, is at 6:53 p.m. DST

Shabbat ends Saturday night with havdalah at 7:57 p.m. DST

Shabbat Shalom

This Week: Shabbat Parashat Tzav

Vayikra 6.1-8.36, pages 613-625

FIRST ALIYAH: The ashes, as Rashi notes, are deposited to the east of the altar ramp. Might there be a significance to depositing the ashes to the east (remember, this was before there was a Temple)?

FIFTH ALIYAH:Is there a significance to the places on the body where the blood is daubed?

The haftarah, Yirmiyahu 7.21-8.3, 9.22-23,

begins on page 627..

Next Week: Shabbat Parah Parashat Sh’mini

Vayikra 9.1-11.47, pages 630-642

Added reading: B’midbar 19.1-22, pages 880-883

FIRST ALIYAH: Read verse 9.6 carefully. Is what Moshe is saying problematical? If yes, what is it that is problematical??

SIXTH ALIYAH:Eggs from a non-kosher bird are also not kosher. This is determined by something in verse 11.16. What is that something?

The haftarah, Y’chezkel 36.16-36, begins on page 1287.